Háskóli Íslands

The Opposite of Property

Valdimar Tr. Hafstein

Boðsfyrirlestur við Harvard háskóla, 23. október 2012.

Sjá viðburðardagatal Harvard háskólans.

Ágrip: One of the enduring legacies of the Grimm brothers lies in how they mapped out a domain of collective creativity -- popular tradition or folklore: products of a creative process that is diffuse, cumulative, and collective. Starting with the Grimms, this paper proposes to analyze folklore as a constitutive outside of authorship in modern discursive regimes, and, in parallel, the public domain as a constitutive outside of copyright in modern intellectual property regimes. Ultimately, its ambition is to shed light on the historical provenance of a series of contemporary Catch-22s: Should we copyright culture? Who owns Cinderella? What would Jacob and Wilhelm say?

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